altek produces high-quality products. This is reflected in everything we do. Besides other attributes, altek pumps are especially well known for their robustness, reliability and long service life. Due to its compact design, altek piston diaphragm pumps can be easily mounted in a wide range of sprayers.

In addition to that, thanks to the modular principle utilised by altek, all pumps can be constructed in such way, that suction and pressure connections can be fitted on the left- and the right-hand side of the machine. altek has been manufacturing pumps for plant protection sprayers since 1965. Thousands of altek pumps provide reliable service to farmers and in local technology around the world year after year.

Thanks to altek‘s many decades of experience in pump manufacture, for altek pumps several thousand hectares a year are not unusual and do not present a problem.

Our pumps range from 70 l/min up to 750 l/min

Pump series

Performance class Type No. of sections
70 l/min P70 2
100 l/min P100 2
120 l/min P120 2
150 l/min P150 4
200 Liter/min P200 4
260 Liter/min P260 4
300 Liter/min P300 6
380 Liter/min P380 6
2 x 200 l/min P200/P200 8
500 l/min P500 8
2 x 260 l/min P260/P260 8
3 x 260 l/min P260/P260/P260 12

Scope of Performance

Modular Design

Advantages for the user:

  • due to its advantageous height and width the pump can be integrated easily into the machine
  • flanged directly, no connection parts
  • standard parts, good spare parts service