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The SMART alternative to PWM

The new Altek "Smart C Spray" uses the INC 2.0 system which comprises of a series of modular INC units mounted directly to the boom of the sprayer controlling the altek solenoid operated spray valves.


The new altek "Smart C Spray" uses the Altek INC 2.0 system which comprises of a series of modular INC units mounted directly to the boom ofthe sprayer controlling the Altek solenoid operated spray valves. These can be mounted in such a way to form Individual multiline nozzle control along the boom as weil as sectional control by using the Altek multi-spray Master- Slavesolenoid valve setup. The INC 2.0 Modules connect tagether in a "Daisy Chain" and can control in excess of 55 x units (55 x metres at 0.5m spacing).

A unique self-addressing concept is used to address each INC module, meaning all units have the same software and can be mounted in any position, at each start-up each module is addressed dynamically meaning installation and/or module replacement is extremely simple and trouble free.

AII INC modules CAN communication as weil as inputs and outputs aremonitared and reported to the user should there be a fault via a powerful yet clear and intuitive diagnostic pop-up. This means any open circuits, short circuits, high or low power measurements are reported to the operator­ pinpointing the issue to the unit/component. 2 x Status LEDs on each INC further report statusvia a blink code as secondary diagnostics.

ln addition to the control of individual nozzles along the boom, the INC 2.0 units can also control multiple nozzles per position (Lines) so a "Twin line" or "Quad line" can also be Autonomously controlled by the same System.


Smart-C-Spray 124 - Brochure

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