Pressure Regulators

Electric Proportional Regulator ePPR400

  • Compact and flexible construction
  • High flow rate
  • Flexible regulating time
  • Independant from other system components
  • Manual emergency operation override
  • Highly compatible thanks to the altek Plug-In System
  • Backlash free piston rod guide


Nominal voltage 12 V / DC ± 10%
Current input 6 A
Switching time 9 / 14 s


Article-Nr. Accessories
80330 Cross piece AS40
06247 Male fitting AS40 / ø39
Article-Nr. Accessories
80817 T-Piece AS40
80333 Blind-Plug AS40
06247 Male hose tail AS40 / ø39



  • The drive unit can be installed into the cross or T-piece in four different positions.

Positioning motor vs. DIN-plug

  • Motor vs. plug can be positioned in two different ways, shifted by 180°.


AS40 for all connections