Can Node

Multi-cSpray & Spray-cStop

Can-Nodes for the electro-pneumatic nozzle bodies from altek.

The new CAN-Node system from altek provides individual nozzle control for single Spray-cStop, Multi-cSpray twin and quad. Control of all these systems is provided by CAN-BUS.

In addition individual rate control is now possible on the well proven Multi-cSpray twin and quad bodies. The compact design of the CAN-Nodes allows them to be mounted directly on the spray line which provides easy install and reliability in the field.

The CAN-Node electronic print is protected by a high quality sealant filled housing.


  • Standardized cable length to suit common nozzle spacings
  • M12 power connector with gold coated pins
  • Selfaddressing nodes
  • LED status on each node
  • Specially designed housings to suit spray tubes
  • Low power requirement
  • Extension cables available for boom joints
  • Protection by high quality sealant fi lled housing