Supply with perfection


altek GmbH is a specialist for liquid fluid management in crop protection, we have a long experience in the production of quality individual components as well as complete system solutions for use in the construction of crop sprayers.

Our products (e.g. electrical, electro-pneumatic valves for nozzle control, ball valves, pressure regulators, section valves, piston diaphragm pumps), are used by sprayer manufacturers around the world thanks to the modular design, are designed and produced exclusively in Germany under highest quality standards. Many individual solutions result from close collaborations with the customer during development of new crop sprayers. This makes altek GmbH the ideal partner for developing crop protection machines.

At the location in Hailfingen, altek GmbH has wide production possibilities in the area of injection moulding, metalworking and casting. Thereby, all production and quality relevant processes are covered, starting with semi-finished products or raw parts up to final testing of the finished product. This enables a flexible and quick reaction to changes. Constant quality and short delivery times are an advantage for our customers.

Due to new challenges such as digitization and Smart- and Precision-Farming, altek GmbH offers own CAN-BUS based electronical solutions, e.g. for single nozzle control.

Our product strategy consists of the following features:

  • efficient and reliable components and systems for a safe and precise application
  • electronical complete system solutions, easy to implement
  • Easy diagnosable components, operator friendly

Not only do our customers profit, but also our environment.

Technology which sets standards – for people and environment.