Your partner for Precision Farming systems

Altek GmbH is a development partner and specialist in the delivery of liquids for plant protection equipment.

As part of Bertolini Pumps, our solutions start with pumps but extend to ball valves, filters, controllers and fittings and the range is rounded off with selectable nozzle body control valves.

But that is not all. Because even the widest range of products can never entirely meet all the individual requirements of a client. This is why quantity is of secondary importance. It is only quality which produces a market leader. And the fact that we can offer this is proved by almost all plant protection equipment manufacturers with the integration of our solutions in their products.

Modular market capture

We have achieved this with our modular construction kit principle, among other things. This may sound simple, but we have optimised it in every detail and made it our own. Because it is only in this way that working with altek will be simple for you as well:

• Specially produced products and system solutions for your detailed, individual needs.

• Easy-to-use complete electronic solutions and efficient components and systems with diagnostic capability.

• Flexible production under one roof with extensive production possibilities with full in-house production in Germany.

• Consistently high quality and short delivery times thanks to well thought out production chains with in-depth final checking of your products.

Digital farming

This means that, with us, you are also prepared for market developments which are yet to come. And so that this remains the case, we guarantee constant close collaboration with our clients in the process of developing new plant protection equipment.

The fact that this approach works can be seen with the altek CAN-bus based solutions. They have actually already been established on the market for years:

Our ball valves network with your spraying control system and you can also control your single and multiple nozzle body control valves in this way. This means that you gain even more need-oriented plant protection

– in keeping with precision agriculture.

By means of this combination of flexible solutions and our focus on future technologies, altek GmbH helps you conquer the market over the long term.