Vari Feed

Variable Rate Control for Planters


Designed for use with multiple-row planting machines equipped with applicators applying liquid fertiliser directly during planting operation. The Vari-Feed motorised valve can be controlled to supply variable volume rates at each outlet.

The valve can be used in conjunction with variable rate software / application prescription maps where different volumes are required within a row or in a lateral distribution.

Low power requirement!


  • Drive: Stepper Motor
  • Power Supply: 12 V (24 V option 20 mm/s @ 24 V)
  • Duty cycle: max. 50 %
  • Total stroke pin rod: 2.5 mm
  • Pressure range: 0-5 bar
  • Current draw: 300 mA
  • Speed: 10 mm/s @ 12 V
  • Lifetime: min. 1 Mio. cycles
  • Stroke per step: 0,033 mm
  • Flow range: 0-4 l/min

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